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Diane Gordon Catering

328 East 117th Street New York, NY 10035

Founded in 1993, Diane Gordon Catering has become an industry leader in high end corporate and private events. A discerning and loyal clientele look to our service staff for their expertise and flawless execution.

The company's innovative menus are inspired by Diane's travels, research and imagination. Her ideas are realized by a culinary team of talented and creative chefs. Signature cuisine blends the traditional with the exotic in exciting hand-crafted dishes.

What year did you open your business and why?
We were established in 1993. I changed careers as I was a tax attorney previously. I was very interested in food, cooking, and entertaining, and wanted to open a catering business to follow my passion.

How have real estate pressures impacted your business in the last 10 years?
Our commercial rent and real estate taxes have increased considerably in the last 10 years. Catering is very competitive and if I raise my prices, my customers will look for less expensive options.

What project do you plan to use the Love Your Local grant funding to implement?
We plan to expand our online presence through an updated website and social media, expand our dessert offerings, participate in trade shows, and invest in equipment.

What do you expect the impact(s) of the Love Your Local grant funding to be on your business?
I hope that the new website and social media will attract new customers and perhaps younger customers who search online for caterers. Currently our advertising is “word of mouth.”

If we bring pastry production in house, I will not have to pay outside vendors who are expensive.

The trade shows will be good networking for new business and offer educational opportunities about the catering industry.

I can rent party equipment directly to my clients to avoid having to subcontract to outside rental companies.

Phone: 212-289-1230